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Karen Dovner

Karen Dovner has lived in Delray Beach, Florida for 14 years, and she never tires of the many opportunities that the city provides for her to pursue hobbies and interests of all sorts. From Karen’s longstanding passion for fitness to her simple desire to connect with others, she enjoys being an active member of her one-of-a-kind beach community.

As someone who has always valued physical activity in day-to-day life, Karen currently focuses on working out at her local barre studio and with a personal trainer.  She also enjoys walking and golfing. Karen has been cycling for many years; she has cycled locally and on vacations as well. Karen sees cycling as a unique way to keep fit. At once challenging and therapeutic, the activity allows people to push themselves physically, while focusing less on competition and more on simply exploring new places and sightseeing.

This mindset carries over to Karen’s overall perspective on travel. Over the years she has been fortunate enough to travel extensively through parts of Europe and Asia, both for business purposes and for recreational trips. She continues to take international trips whenever she can — they are at once relaxing and enlightening. Karen has early childhood memories of traveling to Germany and Croatia, where her mother and father are from, and she enjoys learning more about her heritage whenever she can.

Despite her love of international travel, Karen Dovner also knows that there is often no better place to be than right at home. She is a member of her local beach club, which offers all sorts of amenities to help members take advantage of their sun-soaked location in Delray Beach. She is also a member of her local country club, where she enjoys relaxing at the clubhouse, playing golf and bridge.

Additionally, Karen attends various community events and charity functions held by local organizations. Whenever she can, she donates to local groups that tackle issues that are near and dear to her, such as children’s cancer, the humane treatment of animals, women and children’s centers, support for low-income families, and more.

Karen Dovner also cherishes all the time she spends with her family and can usually be found relaxing with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

This blog will focus on Karen Dovner’s hobbies and interests in Delray Beach, Florida and beyond. Stay tuned!


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