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Physical activity has likely been stressed your entire life. From a young age, children are sent to phys ed classes where they play games and learn about different sports in an effort to keep them physically active. High schools and colleges have an array of sports people can choose from, many that don’t compete and are simply intramural sports for fun. There are gyms everywhere and doctors consistently recommend that people achieve a set amount of physical activity each day. Physical activity is important no matter what stage of your life you’re in and it shouldn’t ever be something you’re too busy to make time for.

Keeps your body healthy

The main benefit of regular exercise is that it keeps your body healthy. We all know that the secret to physical health is staying in decent shape, which you achieve by keeping a balanced diet and exercising. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours each day at the gym, but it’s important you do a small workout each day or take a short walk. Besides general health, physical activity keeps your heart and other organs healthy and helps prevent many major health issues.

Encourages mental health

In the same way physical activity increases physical health, it also encourages mental health. If someone regularly exercises, they’ll find it easier to sleep, feel like they have more energy, and are less likely to deal with depression, because endorphins from exercising boost their mood. Physical activity also helps you get rid of stress by exerting it as energy, which makes you feel much better and less likely to worry about something minor.

Makes for a great hobby

Exercising is a great hobby, because it can be done for free and virtually anywhere. Learn easy exercises you can do at home and stretches to practice no matter where you are. You don’t need a gym membership to be active; lots of people run or bike and achieve their desired amount of physical activity through these methods.

Opportunity to meet new people

When you workout and participate in hobbies or sports involving physical activity, it provides the perfect opportunity to make new connections with people. Working out can definitely be a group activity, whether you join a group with complete strangers or begin heading to the gym with your best friend or partner. Finding a fitness group you’d like to try out or a new sport to play is a fantastic way to make friends.

Activity for the family

Sports is a great way to spend time with your family. Plan a family sports day when you play some relaxed games of touch football or basketball or even just go hiking. Go kayaking or for a bike ride at a local park. Physical activity is a great option for a family to spend time together and is engaging for everyone involved.